Laser Bore Sighter 223 556

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223 Laser Bore SighterSight in your rifle without wasting ammo and money

Brass Cartridge 

Chamber the brass boresighter exactly like a regular cartridge and a red laser dot shows exactly where you're aiming. Ideal for hunters, competitive shooters, and law enforcement. This device significantly reduces wasted ammo while sighting in your rifle. Simply adjust your sights or optics and save your ammo for shooting.

  • Precision quality grade brass casing
  • Precision laser optics
  • Sits perfectly in the chamber - just like a live round would
  • Quick and easy sighting and zeroing
  • No more wasted ammo
  • Wave length 650nm
  • Battery: 3 LR41 (included)
  • Battery life: approximately 1 hour of continuous use
  • Range for sighting: 15-100 yeards
  • Best range for sighting: 20-30 yards
  • Dot size: 2" at 100 yards
  • Operation: on/off end cap
  • Construction: brass
  • Power: less than 5mW