Mossy Oak Blades Quik Camo Quik Cover Convertible Face Mask Neck Gator Beanie

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Quik Camo Mossy Oak Blades Convertible Balaclava Face Mask

Beanie, Hat, Neck Gator, etc. This unique QuikCamo™ convertible face mask / hat has it all.  Features Mossy Oak Blades camo for great concealment.   Ultra versatile: wear it as a neck gator, face mask, balaclava, beanie, headband, half mask, head scarf. Features:

  • Scent Bandit™ anti-microbial technology helps contrrol your scent
  • Excellent UV protection prevents sunburn
  • Moisture wicking
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable
  • Seamless tubular weave 
  • Versatility to the max: countless ways to wear it
  • Ultra comfortable non-chaffing, non-irritating design
  • Patern: Mossy Oak Blades camo